Deepshree Creative Media, an organization which is established on the date 2065 Jestha,17 with a view to trained the people of community in the development and advancement of their communication skills, leadership and personality development.

As we know that every human beings have their own kind of inner talent in them. Among them some may have writing skill, art skill, singing skill, dancing skill and speaking skill. So the hidden ability remained escaped if there is no preparation, space and platform provided to those capabilities. Only an ability in a person is not enough, it must be sharpened that means it must be systematic, scientific and formative which is possible through training and facilitation and practice only. So, to fulfill hidden ability of an individual into systematic presentation of situation, Deepshree Creative Media is playing a role of facilitator. To present powerful, systematic speaking this media has played a vital role in promotion of individuals speaking in front of public and facing mass. According to the recent data it has successfully completed 300+ trainings sessions, interacting with more than 90,000 trainees. For development and success in personal, professional and leadership qualities one must have systematic fluency in their speaking. Confident, systematic and factual speaking is only possible when we are trained and facilitated well.

More importantly, this organization focused and facilitated for the self-help of an individual to speak confidently, to make a positive change in the society. Including this Deepshree Creative Media is also working with some social and business organization in order to develop the communication, leadership, personal and professional skills. Every programs of this organization help to boost in the flow of arranged speech of a speaker which is fruitful according to changing situation of the world.