Deepak Lamichhane
Executative Director

I am a source of communication. In fact, all of us are! So each one of us has to be able to speak our mind without hesitation. Many a times I know I a lot of talent inside me. But I am unable to showcase them because I cannot speak confidently Infront of others. I am afraid to speak Infront of the mass.

I am a student and I dream of becoming a Doctor, an Engineer, a Social Worker, a Businessman, a Teacher, a Journalist and so on. But, with alarm , I realize whichever field I choose, I need to be able to communicate properly! I must have a good communication skill – verbal as well as technical.

In this 21st century, no one will come knocking at your door of with opportunities. It is of paramount importance that you be capable and fight to streve for your position in the society. Keeping this in mind, We present you 4 avenues of development :

1. Capacity Building
2. Media
3. Computer Technology
4. Language Skills
I believe that these 4 avenues will help you succeed in your career in this scientific age.
What say?