Deepshree Creative Media established in 2065/02/17 B.S. with the motive of producing skilled media person has a lot to offer these days. We conduct not only media related works unlike other medias registered under government of Nepal but also provide Social leadership trainings, personal development trainings, communication skills trainings and assist startup leaders of all age group prioritizing youth and children. We are successful in producing over 50000 trainees approximately over decade of its establishment.

We believe that organizational integrity, wisdom and updates is important basis of evaluating any company, and we stand firm on that belief. We have the strong team of experts and advisors from whom we are gaining proper guidelines for organization. The main motivation for us has been trainees’ feedback. We also conduct daily research about contemporary issues, social taboos, and things that kids and youths are experiencing these days, study and investigate possible solutions to that problem and publish it over our private online news portal Deepshree online, Deepshree Khabar Patrika, Mega Television and our other source of mass media.